Computrainer Multirider Sessions:

Train using your own bike and experience the most authentic indoor computer generated cycling experience while fine-tuning your training using your individual FTP and the critical balance of a yoga practice on and off of your bike.

Individualized, Goal specific, time efficient, and well balanced:

Tailored to your individual FTP (Functional Threshold Power)

Regular training on a Computrainer using FTP has been shown to increase cycling power by 20-30% and speed by 3 to 6 km/hr.

Whether you are a new triathlete, a new cyclist, a fitness enthusiast or a seasoned athlete Critical Balance

Offers the most unique and boredom-free way of indoor training.

What you need to bring to a Computrainer Session:

Your bike

Trainer-specific quick release skewer on back wheel (available for purchase if you do not have one)

Your cycling shoes and cycling shorts


Water bottle and a snack if you feel you need one

(Optional) Heart Rate Straps – Our Computrainers sync with ANT+ heart rate straps and your heart rate will be displayed on the video screen.

(Optional) Rear wheel equipped with a trainer tire, if your prefer not to ruin your nice Michelin or Continental tires.

Studio Features:

High Performance Indoor Ergometer and trainer

Programmable interactive software

Individualized Power Performance Training with the motivational quality of Group Rides

State of the art, 6 station Computrainer studio one large 10 x 6.5 screen. Everyone gets a front row seat at the Drive Inn.

Did you know that Lionel Sanders, who recently broke the Ironman World Record trains almost exclusively on a computrainer and a treadmill?